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What's the point of this website?
We created this site because we don't want people wasting time searching through SOLD or RENTED properties.Yes, most sites never remove outdated listings. So we set out to create our own updated MLS database. Our search results are refined just about every hour so you only get the most accurate listing information possible.
Are all these listings available?
Yes, every single property you see is available as of the time your looking at it. If at any point the status changes to SOLD or RENTED then it is immediately removed from the database.
Why should i sign up?
You should sign up so you can: 1. Save your search filters 2. "Love" or "Hide" listings from your results. 3. Go back and see lists of everything you have ever viewed while logged into your profile.
Why can i not see my area?
The results of a map search only shows the area on the map. So if your area isn't on the map then you will not be able to see the listings until you move the map into your area.
Are there anymore listings you can send me in my area?
No. For example, if there is only 1 listing in your neighborhood then that means there is only 1 listing in your neighborhood.
Why are there less listings on your site than Zillow or Trulia?
That's because our listings are real! National Listing Sites like Zillow, Trulia or Craigslist don't remove properties once they are sold or rented. We pride ourselves on keeping the cleanest database of properties in South Florida.
Do you accept pets?
For rentals, it does display pet policies towards the bottom of every listing.
Can you send me more pictures?
No. All the photos that we have on subject properties are already downloaded into the database for you to see.
How do i see all listings?
Initially when you first enter the search map page, the only listings that will show will be in the center of the map. Because it shows almost all of South Florida, loading all listings initially would take a bit too long. So all you have to do is open the map and zoom down a bit. The search tool pulls listing data by neighborhood so move to a neighborhood your interested in and then zoom down. Our map view can only show 200 property listings at one time.
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